Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Are your beneficiaries identifiable?
  • Do your beneficiaries qualify to inherit your retirement assets in a “stretch-friendly” manner?
  • Have you designated a charity as a beneficiary?
  • Have you named your estate as a beneficiary?
  • Have you recently married or divorced?

Improper beneficiary designations could cost your heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential stretch IRA benefits. Not to mention the high cost and inconvenience of having your assets distributed through probate court.

With the conclusion of this email series, we have a special offer for you. Call us for a no-cost consultation and we will help you complete all three of these useful planning tools.

As an added bonus, at the consultation we will provide you with our Digital Asset Organizer.

Does your spouse know all the user IDs and passwords for your many digital resources? Imagine them being burdened by having to figure out access to your bank accounts, email, social media, online retailers, and investment accounts, etc., if something were to happen to you. Planning now will provide your loved ones a welcome relief when they need it most.

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